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Set Up Geofencing

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The Geofencing policy empowers you to restrict access to the Druva Cloud Platform Console from outside your corporate network. It helps you control, monitor, and protect your data from unauthorized access from outside the organization.

You can configure the Geofencing policy by specifying your company's physical gateway IPs in the policy. Only the administrators that are connected to your corporate network can access Druva Cloud Platform Console.


  • While accessing the Druva Cloud Platform Console, if an administrator switches to a different network from the corporate network, Druva Cloud Platform Console will continue to remain accessible for 10 minutes, after which the session will expire and the user will be logged out.
  • If an administrator enables Geofencing  while other administrators are accessing the Druva Cloud Platform Console outside the corporate network, the Druva Cloud Platform Console will continue to remain accessible for the current active session. If a user leaves the Druva Cloud Platform Console idle for 30 minutes, the session will expire and the user will be logged out. The Geofencing policy will block all the subsequent login requests from an external network.

Only a Druva Cloud Administrator can enable Geofencing. 

Configure the Geofencing Policy for your Organization

To configure the Geofencing policy for your organization:

  1. Log on to Druva Cloud Platform Console. 
  2. Click Global_nav_Panel.png to access the Global Navigation Panel > Druva Cloud Settings Access Settings. The Access Settings window appears.   
  3. In the Geofencing section, click Edit. The Edit Geofencing Settings window appears. 


  4. In the Public Gateway IPs box, type the public IPs of your corporate network.
    You can specify the IP addresses in the following formats.
    IP Address Example
    Single IP address
    Range of IP address, separated by hyphen (-). -
    Multiple range of IP address, separated by comma (,). -,, -
    • You must specify your Public Gateway IPs only, that are provided by your Internet Service Provider.
    • Druva supports only IPv4 addresses currently.
    • Specified IP addresses and the IP address range is validated for required format and accuracy.
  5. To Enable Geofencing for Administrators in your organization, select the Administrators can access Druva Cloud through Public Gateway IPs only check-box. 
  6. To enable Geofencing for inSync end users, see Enable Geofencing Policy for inSync users.
  7. Click Save.

The Geofencing is activated for all the administrators. The policy will come into effect the next time the administrators log in.

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