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Druva Documentation

Log in to Enterprise Workloads Management Console

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As an administrator, you receive an invitation email when your account is created. This email contains the following information:

  • URL to access the Management Console.
  • Email address and password for the administrator to log on to the Management Console.

Before you log on to Management Console, keep the administrator account credentials, which you received in the Druva invitation email, handy. If you did not receive the invitation email, Contact Support.

After you set your new password, ensure you keep the password secure and remember it. Druva does not have access to your data and cannot reset your account password if you forget it. Only the Druva Cloud Administrators and Cloud administrators for Enterprise Workloads can reset the password of other administrators in your organization.

  • Druva supports access to the Enterprise Workloads Management Console through secure HTTP (HTTPS). 
  • Use your administrator account credentials to log on to Druva. 
  • If you forget your password, contact a cloud administrator in your organization. After a cloud administrator resets your password, you should receive an email containing the default password that Druva sets for you. You can log on to Management Console using the auto-generated password, and then change your password.  

Log in to Druva Cloud

  1. In a web browser, open:
  2. Enter your administrator account credentials, and click Login.

     If you have license for Enterprise Workloads and Endpoints, and if you have not merged both the accounts, on the next page you get an option to select the product. Select Enterprise Workloads and click Next

    We recommend you to merge your Enterprise Workloads and Endpoints accounts. This offers you a unified experience from the Druva Cloud Platform Console. To merge your Enterprise Workloads and Endpoints accounts, contact Support

  3. On the Druva Cloud Platform Console, click Druva_icon.png. In the left pane, click Data Protection > Hybrid Workloads to launch the Management Console.

Log in to GovCloud

Provides instructions for logging in to Druva GovCloud.

  1. In a web browser, open:
  2. Enter your administrator account credentials, and click Login.