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AWS component costs

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This article describes the various components deployed as part of the CloudFormation stack and their approximate costs per month.


The Phoenix AWS proxy deploys the following components as part of CloudFormation stack deployment:

  1. Amazon EC2 instance: The Phoenix AWS proxy, also referred to as DR proxy, is an EC2 instance that runs in the customer’s AWS account. The Phoenix AWS proxy runs the Phoenix Disaster Recovery service and is responsible for orchestrating the DR Restore, DR failback, and DR failover.
  2. VPC endpoints: A VPC endpoint enables private connections between the customer VPC and supported AWS services and VPC endpoint services using AWS PrivateLink. 
  3. Hosted zone: Phoenix uses Amazon Route 53 to perform DNS resolution between the Phoenix AWS proxy and the various AWS components in the customer VPC via the Amazon PrivateLink service. To route traffic to the various AWS components, you create records, also known as resource record sets, in your hosted zone.

Each of these components is billable, and the associated costs are to be paid to AWS.

The AWS component pricing can vary depending upon the options you select. AWS can also change the component pricing at any time. We advise you to check the AWS website for the most current component costs.

Refer to the following AWS pricing pages for the most current prices of the components. 

The following example demonstrates how to calculate AWS component costs.

Amazon EC2 instance pricing

The Amazon EC2 instance pricing depends upon how many Phoenix AWS proxies you choose to deploy, and what is the instance type per deployment. Refer to Amazon EC2 pricing for the costs depending upon the instance type you select.

For example, let's choose one Amazon EC2 instance of type c5.2xlarge. If we select an EC2 Instance Savings Plan, pick a 3-year reservation with no upfront payments, and select 30 GB of EBS volume storage (General Purpose SSB(gp2), the total monthly cost comes up to $112.65. Use the Amazon EC2 pricing calculator to calculate the EC2 instance costs as per your requirements.

VPC endpoint pricing

The VPC endpoint price varies from AWS region to region. Phoenix deploys 6 VPC endpoints in all regions except us-east-1 where Phoenix deploys 10 VPC endpoints. Phoenix deploys the following VPC endpoints:

  • AWS S3 VPC Endpoint.
  • AWS SQS VPC Endpoint
  • AWS EC2 VPC Endpoint.
  • AWS CloudFormation VPC Endpoint.
  • Druva Service Endpoint

 The example in the following screenshot uses the US East (Ohio) region (us-east-2) to compute VPC endpoint costs. It assumes that we deploy 6 VPC endpoints, 1 availability zone, and that the endpoints will process around 100 GB of data between the Phoenix AWS proxy and Phoenix services per month.

VPC cost calculator.png

Total Cost: $49.8 / Month for all the endpoints.

Use the AWS PrivateLink pricing calculator to compute costs as per your requirements.

Hosted zone pricing

What is chargeable Cost
Cost per hosted zone / month $0.50
Cost per million queries – first 1 Billion queries / month $0.60
  Total Cost: $1.1 per month for hosted zone resources.

The total cost of deployment sums up to be:

Amazon EC2 instance cost + VPC endpoint cost + Hosted zone cost =  $112.65 +  $49.8 + $1.1= $163.55 per month

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