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DRaaS licensing

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This topic describes the DR licensing considerations. Druva Phoenix Enterprise suite requires you to buy DR licenses (one license per virtual machine) to protect the VMware environment from disaster. However, with Druva Phoenix Elite, you can configure as many as virtual machines for disaster recovery.

Licensing considerations

  • If a virtual machine is configured and enabled for disaster recovery, it is treated as "one licensed instance" for Phoenix DraaS.
  • Before configuring virtual machines for Phoenix DraaS, you must ensure that you have sufficient unused DR licenses. For example, if you have purchased 50 Phoenix DraaS licenses, and have already configured and enabled 25 virtual machines for disaster recovery, then you can additionally configure 25 virtual machines for disaster recovery.

Billable AWS services

The following AWS services are deployed in your AWS account during the Phoenix AWS proxy deployment and are billable:

  1. The Amazon EC2 instance type (c5.2xlarge - recommended) used for the Phoenix AWS proxy.
  2. The following AWS VPC endpoints that are configured as part of proxy deployment:
    1. Druva Backup Service Endpoint
    2. Druva Node Service Endpoint
    3. S3 Endpoint
    4. SQS Endpoint
    5. EC2 Endpoint
    6. CloudFormation Endpoint

The AWS service costs are to be paid to AWS. For more information on the service costs, refer to AWS Pricing.

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