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Druva Documentation

Sizing and setup FAQs

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► What is Druva storage?
Storage is a location in the cloud where Druva stores data backed up from servers. You can associate a single Druva setup with multiple instances of storage. 
To know more about storage, see Key concepts and terms.
► What is Druva storage? What types of storages does Druva support?
Druva supports warm storage and cold storage. Warm storage holds server data that is no more than 90 days old. Druva backs up data from servers to warm storage directly, where the data stays for 90 days. Thereafter, this data is transferred to cold storage where it stays for as long as you specify in the retention policies. Cold storage holds server data that is more than 90 days old. The purchased storage is a combination of warm and cold storage.
To know more about storage, see Key concepts and terms.
► I need more storage. How do I purchase that?
You can purchase storage in terms of credits. For purchasing additional get in touch with your account executive. You can also write to the Support.
► How do I determine how much storage to purchase?
The storage that you require depends on the size of data you want to back up, expected change rate, retention period and expected deduplication based on the nature of the workload to be processed. Alternatively, you can contact the Support.
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