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Druva Documentation

Security and certification FAQs

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► What certifications does Druva adhere to?
Druva adheres to the same certifications as inSync. 
As an IaaS provider, Amazon regularly updates their compliance certifications for all the standard certifications (See As a SaaS provider, Druva holds a number of certifications for controlling and managing our applications. This includes a SOC2 audit, certifications around Safe Harbor, and a review of our security and privacy controls for handling HIPAA-compliant protected health information (PHI).
To know the certifications that inSync adheres to, contact Support.
► What security standards do you employ?
To ensure that your data stays protected, Druva uses the 256-bit AES at rest and TLS in transit. Additionally, Druva also employs data scrambling techniques to obscure access to your data.
► Does Druva support Safe Harbor? 
Yes, Druva does. While configuring a server, the server data can be scoped to administrative groups within a specific geography (known as “availability zone” within Amazon Web Services).  This can provide complete assurance that data never leaves a specific geography.
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