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Analytics FAQs

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► How often is the Analytics data updated?
The Analytics data is updated every 24 - 48 hours.
► What are credits?
See Druva credits for a detailed description on credits.
► How does the Analytics data help me predict the future usage of credits?
On the Analytics page, you can get an insight into:
  • Credit consumption pattern
  • Deduplication
  • Change rate
  • Current source data

This helps you in predicting the credit usage pattern and the future usage of credits.

► My backup set is visible in the All Backup Sets section, but upon clicking, the details are not visible. Why does that happen?
If the backup set is created between the time of stats update and Analytics update, the details of the backup set are visible on the next day.

► How is the last date of the credit balance calculated?
Average credit consumption per day (A) = Cumulative consumption for last 30 days/30.
Time duration before which customer will run out of credits (t) = Balance credits/A

► How is the average change rate calculated?
Average change rate is calculated on a per backup set level. Below formula is used to find the change rate.

((current source_change - prev days source_change)/ prev days current_source )* 100

The Analytics data is updated once in 24 hours at 12:15 am UTC.


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