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VMware VDDK Errors

This topic provides a list of the VMware VDDK errors that you may encounter while working with Druva. 


Error Message:   You do not have access rights to one or more than one vmdk files of the VM.

Error Description:  This error may occur:

  • If the port 902 is blocked on the ESXi, which is registered under vCenter. For more information, see the article.
  • If you do not have adequate permission. For more information, see Required user permissions.
  • In case of vRDM, check if LUNs are present on VM and have proper permissions.
  • During backup and restore, if the connection between the backup proxy and the vCenter Server/ESXi host is disconnected.
  • If the Backup proxy VM is powered off and then powered on manually from ESXi host, the restore will fail if the restore mode is NBD.


Error MessagePhoenix Internal Error

Resolution:   Contact Druva Support


Error Message:  Phoenix Internal Error

Error Description:  This error may occur if backup or restore fails due to incompatibility between vCenter/ESXi 6.5 and Backup Proxies VDDK 5.5.

Resolution:   Contact Druva Support


Error MessagePhoenix Internal Error

Resolution:   Contact Druva Support


Error MessagePhoenix Internal Error   

Resolution:   Contact Druva Support . 


Error MessageRetryable VDDK exception occurred. Please retry backup/restore request again.

Resolution:  Retry the operation.


Error Message:   Phoenix Internal Error

Resolution: Contact Druva Support.