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Required vCenter or ESXi user permissions for backup, restore, and OVA deployment

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This article lists the supported backup and restore privileges. The user permissions can be viewed on the VMware vSphere Web Client. For more information, see vSphere Permissions and User Management Tasks and Managing Permissions for vCenter Components.

Users with the following backup and restore privileges are supported.

Backup and restore privileges for vCenter and ESXi

Category Permission Name Permission ID Permission Description
Datastore Allocate space Datastore.AllocateSpace Allocate space.
Browse datastore Datastore.Browse Browse a datastore.
Low level file operations


Perform low level file operations on a datastore.
Update virtual machine files Datastore.UpdateVirtualMachineFiles Update virtual machine files on a datastore.
Global Disable methods Global.DisableMethods Operations are disabled in vCenter.
Enable methods Global.EnableMethods Operations are enabled in vCenter.
Licenses Global.Licenses Manage licenses.
Set custom attribute Global.SetCustomField Set the value of a custom attribute on an object.
Manage custom attributes Global.ManageCustomFields Add, remove, and rename custom attribute definitions.
Host Storage partition configuration Host.Config.Storage Storage, host datastore, and diagnostic partition configuration.
Network Assign network Network.Assign Assign network to virtual machine, host service console, VMkernel virtual NIC or physical NIC.
Resources Assign virtual machine to resource pool Resource.AssignVMToPool Assign a virtual machine to a resource pool
Virtual Machine - Inventory Create new VirtualMachine.Inventory.Create Create a new virtual machine or template
Register VirtualMachine.Inventory.Register Add an existing virtual machine to the inventory
Remove VirtualMachine.Inventory.Delete Remove a virtual machine.
Unregister VirtualMachine.Inventory.Unregister Unregister a virtual machine.

Virtual Machine - Provisioning
Allow disk access VirtualMachine.Provisioning.DiskRandomAccess Allow random access to disk files through a separate NFC connection.
Allow read-only disk access VirtualMachine.Provisioning.DiskRandomRead Allow read-only random access to disk files through a separate NFC connection.
Allow virtual machine download VirtualMachine.Provisioning.GetVmFiles Allow download of virtual machines (used by provisioning operations).
Clone virtual machine VirtualMachine.Provisioning.Clone Clone a virtual machine.
Virtual Machine - Guest Operations Guest operation modifications VirtualMachine.GuestOperations.Modify Modifications in a virtual machine guest operating system.
Guest operation program execution VirtualMachine.GuestOperations.Execute Running processes in a virtual machine guest operating system.
Guest operation queries VirtualMachine.GuestOperations.Query Queries in a virtual machine guest operating system.
Virtual Machine - Interaction Connect devices VirtualMachine.Interact.DeviceConnection Connect/disconnect media and network devices.
Power on VirtualMachine.Interact.PowerOn Power on or resume a virtual machine.
Power off VirtualMachine.Interact.PowerOff Power off a virtual machine.

Virtual Machine - Configuration
Add existing disk VirtualMachine.Config.AddExistingDisk Browse for and attach an existing virtual disk.
Add new disk VirtualMachine.Config.AddNewDisk Create and attach a new virtual disk.
Add or remove device VirtualMachine.Config.AddRemoveDevice Add or remove virtual devices.
Advanced configuration VirtualMachine.Config.AdvancedConfig Make advanced configuration changes.
Change resource VirtualMachine.Config.Resource Change virtual machine resource allocations.
Toggle disk change tracking VirtualMachine.Config.ChangeTracking Enable or disable change tracking for the virtual machine's disks.
Acquire disk lease VirtualMachine.Config.DiskLease Lease disks for disk manager.
Remove disk VirtualMachine.Config.RemoveDisk Detach and optionally remove a virtual disk.
Configure Raw device VirtualMachine.Config.RawDevice Virtual machine raw device configuration.
Change Settings VirtualMachine.Config.Settings Change virtual machine settings
Update CPU VirtualMachine.Config.CPUCount Change CPU count
Update RAM VirtualMachine.Config.Memory Update memory
  Upgrade virtual machine VirtualMachine.Config.UpgradeVirtualHardware Upgrade virtual machine compatibility
Virtual Machine - Snapshot management Create snapshot VirtualMachine.State.CreateSnapshot Create a snapshot.
Remove snapshot VirtualMachine.State.RemoveSnapshot

Remove a snapshot.

Revert to snapshot VirtualMachine.State.RevertToSnapshot Make a snapshot current
Virtual Machine - Instant Restore and Migration Storage partition configuration Host.Config.Storage Storage, host datastore, and diagnostic partition configuration.
Migrate powered off virtual machine Resource.ColdMigrate Migrate a powered off virtual machine.
Migrate powered on virtual machine Resource.HotMigrate Migrate a powered on virtual machine.
App Privileges Import vApp.Import Import vApp.

Cryptographic operations

Direct Access


Allows access to encrypted resources. Users can export virtual machines, have NFC access to virtual machines, and open a console session to an encrypted virtual machine.

Note that this permission is required only if you have enabled Virtual Trusted Platform Module (vTPM) for a VM. For more information on vTPM, see article