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Required vCenter or ESXi user permissions for backup, restore, and OVA deployment

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This article lists the supported backup and restore privileges. Users with the following backup and restore privileges are supported.

Backup and restore privileges

Category Permission Description
Datastore Datastore.AllocateSpace Allocate Space
Datastore.Browse Browse Datastore


Low Level File Operation
Datastore.UpdateVirtualMachineFiles Update VM Files
Global Global.DisableMethods Disable Methods
Global.EnableMethods Enable Methods
Global.Licenses Licenses
Global.SetCustomField Set Custom Attributes
Global.ManageCustomFields Manage Custom Attributes
Host.Config.Storage Create Datastore
Network Network.Assign Assign
Resources Resource.AssignVMToPool Assign VM to Resource Pool
Virtual Machine - Inventory VirtualMachine.Inventory.Create
Create New
VirtualMachine.Inventory.Register Register
VirtualMachine.Inventory.Delete Remove
VirtualMachine.Inventory.Unregister Unregister

Virtual Machine - Provisioning
Allow Disk Access
VirtualMachine.Provisioning.DiskRandomRead Allow read only Disk Access
VirtualMachine.Provisioning.GetVmFiles Allow VM Download
VirtualMachine.Provisioning.Clone Clone virtual machine
Virtual Machine - Guest Operations VirtualMachine.GuestOperations.Modify
Guest Operation Modifications
VirtualMachine.GuestOperations.Execute Guest Operation Program Execution
VirtualMachine.GuestOperations.Query Guest Operation Queries
Virtual Machine - Interaction VirtualMachine.Interact.DeviceConnection
Device Connection
VirtualMachine.Interact.PowerOn Power On
VirtualMachine.Interact.PowerOff Power Off

Virtual Machine - Configuration
VirtualMachine.Config.AddExistingDisk Add Existing Disk
VirtualMachine.Config.AddNewDisk Add New Disk
VirtualMachine.Config.AddRemoveDevice Add or Remove Device
VirtualMachine.Config.AdvancedConfig Advanced
VirtualMachine.Config.Resource Change resource
VirtualMachine.Config.ChangeTracking Disk Change Tracking
VirtualMachine.Config.DiskLease Disk Lease
VirtualMachine.Config.RemoveDisk Remove Disk
VirtualMachine.Config.RawDevice Raw Device
VirtualMachine.Config.Settings Settings
Virtual Machine - Snapshot management VirtualMachine.State.CreateSnapshot Create Snap
VirtualMachine.State.RemoveSnapshot Remove Snap
VirtualMachine.State.RevertToSnapshot Revert to Snap
Virtual Machine - Instant Restore and Migration Host.Config.Storage Create and delete datastore
Resource.ColdMigrate Migrate a Cold virtual machine
Resource.HotMigrate Migrate a Hot virtual machine
App Privileges vApp.Import Allows import of a vApp into vSphere