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Delete a virtual machine configured for backup

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As a Phoenix administrator, you can delete a virtual machine from Phoenix at any time. If you are a cloud administrator, you can delete any virtual machine anytime. If you are a group administrator, you can delete a virtual machine that belongs to the server group that you manage.

You might want to delete virtual machines in the following scenarios:

  • You configured virtual machines during evaluation, and you now want to reclaim the storage consumed.
  • You are planning to deprecate virtual machines, and you no longer need to keep data.
  • You are planning to replace virtual machines, and a backup of the replacement virtual machines might consume additional storage for the same data.
  • You no longer want to backup a virtual machine.
  • You migrated a virtual machine to a different VMware ESXi or vCenter Server that is not configured for backup.

After you delete a virtual machine, Phoenix purges the backup data of that virtual machine from warm storage (dating back to 90 days in time), thus freeing up space. Phoenix also deletes all the snapshots of this virtual machine. The time required for purging data after deleting a virtual machine depends on the size of data that was backed up. For large-sized datasets, Phoenix might take longer to complete a purge operation.

To delete a virtual machine

  1. On the Phoenix Management Console menu bar, click All Organizations, and then select the required organization from the drop-down list.
  2. On the Phoenix Management Console menu bar, click Protect > VMware. List of all the registered VMware vCenter Servers and ESXi Hypervisors appear.
  3. Click the desired vCenter Server or ESXi Hypervisor, for which you want to delete virtual machines. Details appear.
  4. Under Configured Virtual Machines tab, search and click the virtual machine that you want to delete.
  5. Under virtual machine summary, click Delete. A confirmation dialog box appears.
  6. Click Yes to delete the virtual machine.

The selected virtual machine is deleted. Repeat the procedure if you want to delete more virtual machines.