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VMware Instant Restore known issues


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The following table lists the issues that you might encounter while restoring virtual machines instantly or migrating instantly restored virtual machines to production:

Issue Description
PHN-47124 If you use “%” in the restored virtual machine name of an existing virtual machine on a vCenter, the instant restore of the virtual machine fails.

Do not use “%” in the virtual machine name if the source virtual machine exists on the vCenter.
PHN-49458 Instant restore from a hot recovery point fails and you get the following error when data is backed up to cloud as connection to CloudCache is not successful:

Error 374: Data block not present


Perform the following steps:

  1. Check that the connection to CloudCache is healthy and the backupset is mapped to Linux CloudCache.

  2. Disable and then enable Instant Restore for the backup set.

  3. Trigger backup for the backup set so that a new HOT recovery point is created. 

  4. Trigger Instant Restore from the newly created HOT recovery point.

PHN-49154 The Audit Trail shows incorrect entries when you instantly restore a virtual machine, migrate the instantly restored virtual machine to production, or delete an instantly restored virtual machine. For example, for instant restore and migration to production, Audit Trail shows Restore to Original and for deletion of an instantly restored virtual machine, the Audit Trail incorrectly shows Delete.
PHN-47310 Instant restore fails if performed from a higher version to a lower version of ESXI or Vcenter. For example, if you have taken a backup on vCenter version 5.5, you cannot restore a VM from version 5.5 to version 5.1. For more information, see ESXi/ESX hosts and compatible virtual machine hardware versions list (2007240).
PHN-50925 Alerts indicating that the CloudCache storage is getting full are not generated until the storage is completely full.
PHN-50105 The virtual machine is migrated to production even if you change the mapping of the backup set to a different Linux CloudCache while the migration job is in progress.
PHN-46179 If you rename or delete an instantly restored VM from a vCentre, it does not reflect on Management Console.
PHN-52116 The disk provisioning of an instantly restored VM sets to thin when the VM is migrated to production.
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