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Reactivate backup proxy

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If you want to activate a previously deleted backup proxy, reactivate backup proxy. When you reactivate an instance of backup proxy, backup proxy establishes a persistent connection with Druva Cloud. The backup proxy is no longer disconnected; instead, it performs a backup of the virtual machines across an ESXi or a vCenter Server following the backup schedule. 

To reactivate backup proxy

  1. From the vSphere Client console, click VMs and Templates, and start the backup proxy virtual machine. 
  2. Open a terminal on the virtual machine. 
Note: Alternatively, you can use a terminal client such as PuTTY to access the backup proxy virtual machine.
  1. Log on to the virtual machine. 
Note: The default username is root, and the default password is druvaphoenix. If you changed the password, use the changed password.
  1. Stop the backup proxy process.
  2. Delete the Phoenix.cfg file available at /etc/Phoenix/VMWARE
  3. Start the backup proxy process. 
  4. Configure backup proxy
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