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VMware backup proxy deployment and registration FAQs

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​The following are some of the frequently asked questions related to backup proxy deployment:

  1. Can I use the Druva Proxy Deployer utility for registering both on-premise and VMC setups?
    Yes. The same Druva Proxy Deployer utility is used for both on-premise and VMC.
    For more information, see Deploy VMware proxy using VMware Proxy Deployer.
  2. Are there any specific requirements to run the Druva Proxy Deployer utility from the local system?
    For more information, see Prerequisites to install the backup proxy.
  3. I am not able to perform the registration with the Druva Proxy Deployer, is there a manual way?
    Yes, you can download the OVA, and install the backup proxy manually.
    For more information, see Manually deploy the OVA template to install the backup proxy.
  4. Can I use the utility to deploy additional backup proxies? 
    Technically, you can, but the best way is to deploy additional backup proxies from the Management Console. You can deploy multiple backup proxies in a single workflow.
    For more information, see Deploy additional backup proxies.
  5. What Druva agent applications, configuration paths, and URLs should be allowed?
    It is highly recommended to add exclusions for Enterprise Workloads agent application and configuration paths.
    If a firewall is configured in your environment, ensure that these patterns are allowed for seamless backups and restores.