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Use the vmcontrol utility to enable CBT

The vmcontrol utility is used to enable or disable Changed Block Tracking (CBT). This utility is run on any backup proxy added to the register vCenter server/ESXi host, virtual machines on which you want to enable CBT.

To use the vmcontrol utility

  1. From the vSphere Client console, click VMs and Templates, and start the backup proxy virtual machine. 
  2. Open a terminal on the backup proxy. 

Note: Alternatively, you can use a terminal client such as PuTTY to access the backup proxy. 

  1. Log on to the backup proxy. 

Note: The default username is root, and the default password is druvaphoenix. If you changed the password, use that password. 

   4. To enable the CBT for a backup proxy use the following command:

vmcontrol enable_cbt <vm_name> 

Note: If there are existing recovery points on virtual machine while enabling CBT, the VMcontrol utility deletes the existing recovery points. CBT functions properly only if virtual machine does not contain any recovery point while the CBT is enabled.  For more information, see  Changed Block Tracking (CBT) on virtual machines

   5. To disable the CBT for a backup proxy, use the following command:

vmcontrol disable_cbt <vm_name>

    6. To check the CBT status of a backup proxy, use the following command:

vmcontrol check_cbt <vm_name> 

Note: The argument is the name of the virtual machine (case sensitive). If the virtual machine name has  a space or any special characters in it kindly use the command in the following manner: /opt/Druva/Phoenix/lib/vmcontrol <command> <vm_name in quotes>

Example: /opt/Druva/Phoenix/lib/vmcontrol  enable_cbt  ‘Test VM’