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Get started to protect VMware virtual machines

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Deploy backup proxy and configure virtual machines on ESXi hypervisors or vCenter Servers for backup.

Step 1: Choose VMware configuration

  1. Decide whether you want to configure Druva for protecting VMware ESXi or vCenter Server. 
    • For standalone VMware ESXi, you'll need at least one backup proxy installation for each ESXi hypervisor.
    • If you choose VMware vCenter Server, you'll need one backup proxy installation for each vCenter Server.
  2. Allocate backup proxy installations accordingly.

Step 2: Check resource availability and storage considerations

  • Ensure your VMware setup has sufficient resources to deploy the backup proxy. When you deploy the appliance, a new Ubuntu virtual machine is created along with an installation of the backup proxy.
  • Ensure you have adequate storage for your backup needs. The Support team can help create and assign storage, and you can request additional storage if necessary.

Step 3: Register and configure your VMware setup

  • Access the Management Console using your credentials and deploy one or more backup proxy instances on ESXi hypervisors or vCenter Servers, depending on your specific backup needs.
  • During virtual machine registration, Druva generates an activation token that you can use to activate the backup proxy.

Step 4: Configure your virtual machines

  • Once the backup proxy is activated, your virtual machines hosted on ESXi will appear under "All Virtual Machines" on the VMware Setups page.
  • Configure your virtual machines to schedule automatic backups.
  • Druva also supports backing up Microsoft SQL Server databases running on virtual machines. During configuration, you can choose to back up SQL Server databases alongside image-level virtual machine backups.
  • You can also configure virtual machines for Instant Restore, a quick recovery option.

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