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Delete virtual machine snapshots

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As an administrator, you can delete snapshots that you no longer require for the virtual machines. 

  • If you are a cloud administrator, you can delete snapshots for a virtual machine.
  • If you are a group administrator, you can delete snapshots for virtual machines belonging to the administrative groups that you manage.

After you delete a snapshot, Druva purges the snapshot data from the storage, thus freeing up space.

Note: You cannot delete the most-recent snapshot of a virtual machine.

To delete a snapshot for a virtual machine

  1. Log in to the Hybrid Workloads Management Console
  2. From the top menu bar, select your organization if organizations are enabled. 
  3. Click Protect > VMware
    The vCenter/ESXi host page appears that lists all the registered vCenter/hypervisors. 
  4. You can either select the registered vCenter from the list or select it from the vCenter/ESXi host list in the left navigation pane. 
  5. In the navigation pane, click Configured VMs.
  6. Click on the virtual machine.
  7. Click on the Backups tab.
    Select the snapshot you want to delete.
    Delete Snapshot_1.png
  8. Click Delete
  9. Confirm your action.