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Troubleshoot backup proxy deployment issues

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Troubleshoot Druva Proxy Deployer issues

In case, you face issues with the Druva Proxy Deployer, kill the DruvaProxyDeployerApi process, and launch the deployer again. 

Troubleshoot first backup proxy deployment issues

When you register your VMware setup using the Druva Proxy Deployer, the deployment progresses through multiple stages. While the backup proxy deployment is in progress, you can click Download Logs to download the logs from that point in time. The logs are zipped, and the downloaded logs folder has the yearMonthDate-HourMinSec suffixed to the folder name.  The following validations are made during the respective stage.

OVA Download stage

At this stage, the OVA template is downloaded on the local system. The OVA template is cleaned up after the backup proxy is deployed successfully.  

Issue Recommendation
Space on the installation location Need a minimum of 5GB free space on the install location to download the OVA template.
Download failed due to network connectivity issues. Check the network connectivity and retry. 
Could not connect to the vCenter.

Credentials are incorrect. 

Provide valid credentials and retry.

Deployment stage 

The first backup proxy is deployed and the backup proxy VM is created.

Issue Recommendation

Specified datastore is corrupt.

Specify a different datastore and retry.

Deployment failed.

Troubleshoot as per the message and retry. 

You can also download the logs for more details.

Network with the given name does not exist.

Verify the resources on the vCenter.

In the Druva Proxy Deployer, go back to the Network page and update the settings and retry.

ESXi host does not exist.

This issue might arise if the ESXi host does not exist.

In the Druva Proxy Deployer, go back to the Location page and select an available ESXi host and retry.

VM is not supported on the target datastore.

See, Backup proxy compatibility.

Failed to upload disks to vCenter.

Verify the network connection and retry.

Failed to create the VM.

Ensure that you have provided the resource as per recommendations. See, Prerequisites to install the backup proxy.

If the issue still persists, download the logs and contact Druva support.

VM Powered ON stage

The backup proxy virtual machine is powered on. 

Issue Recommendation

Failed to power on the virtual machine.

VM with the given name does not exist.

This issue might arise if the VM is deleted.

Perform the deployment again.

Network Configuration stage

The backup proxy connects with the VMware environment. 

Issue Recommendation

Failed to assign an IP address to the backup proxy./ Failed to configure the backup proxy network.

If static IP is selected, verify the NIC details. 

Update the details as required


On the vCenter verify if the backup proxy has an IP assigned.

Failed to retrieve log files from the deployed backup proxy.

Ensure that the VMware is powered on or you are connected to the network.

Failed to retrieve status from the deployed backup proxy.

Verify that the backup proxy is connected to the network and retry.

Guest operating system is not ready. Retry after some time.

Allow the guest operating system to boot up and retry.

VM is already deleted or is not completely created.

Ensure that the VM is not deleted.

If yes, perform the deployment again.

Failed to communicate with the web proxy. Verify the web proxy settings and retry.

Verify the web proxy settings and try again.

Failed to list files from the deployed backup proxy.

For deployment failure, retry. 

If logs are not getting downloaded:
From vCenter, login to the backup proxy, obtain the logs from the following directory, and retry.

  • /var/log/Phoenix (for VMware proxy version prior to 7.0.0)
  • /var/log/Druva/EnterpriseWorkloads (for VMware proxy version 7.0.0 and later)

 VM tools are not running.

Ensure that the virtual machine is running and then retry.

Connection to Druva stage

The backup proxy connects with the Druva Cloud and the registration process is completed. 

Issue Recommendation

Failed to connect to Druva Cloud. Fix the network issues in your environment or reboot the backup proxy and try again.

Verify if the backup proxy has an IP assigned and is connected to the network and retry.

The provided activation token has expired.

Generate a new token from the Management Console and try again. 

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