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Data Lock FAQs

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This topic lists the Data Lock-specific frequently asked questions.

What licenses offer the Data Lock feature?
Elite and Enterprise customers will have a Data Lock option by default.
Will Data Lock impact storage consumption of my data?
Enabling Data Lock in your backup policy will not impact storage consumption.
Can I manually delete Data Lock-enabled backup sets and snapshots?
No, once you enable Data Lock for the backup set, you cannot manually delete the backup policy or backup set.
My backup set is mapped with a Data Lock-enabled backup policy. Can I associate another Data Lock-enabled backup policy to the same backup set?
You cannot change the Data Lock-enabled backup policy associated with the backup set to another Data Lock-enabled backup policy. You can only change the Data Lock-disabled backup policy associated with the backup set to a Data Lock-enabled backup policy. For more information, see the change backup policy point in Consideration
► If I duplicate the Data Lock-enabled backup policy, will Data Lock apply to the new backup policy?
Yes, the new duplicated backup policy will have Data Lock setting enabled for it.
► Can I change the content rule and backup content of the backup set that has Data Lock enabled?
Yes, Data Lock has no impact on the content rule and backup content. Alerts will be generated for any modification to backup content or content rule.
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