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Activation and first backup readiness checks for successful backup

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Druva provides activation checks and readiness checks for the common agent to reduce instances of failure during the first backup. These checks enable you to make sure that your system is ready and equipped to perform a backup operation. Once the agent is installed, its activation has a set of prerequisites. These checks ensure that the system is ready for activation of the agent and all the required conditions are met. If not, it will provide a curated set of errors that might have occurred and will also provide the solution to tackle and fix the same. 
These checks are currently available for File server, NAS, Hyper-V, SQLServer, and Oracle DTC. 

Note: These checks will be available for versions 6.2.0 and later for File server, NAS, Hyper-V, and SQLServer, and for versions 6.1.0 and later for Oracle DTC.


The benefits of applying these checks are listed below. You can:

  • Ensure that the prerequisites for agent activation are fulfilled. 
  • Reduce the instances of failure during activation and the first backup. 
  • Ensure the system is ready and equipped to perform a backup operation.


Check Possible reason for fail
Network Connectivity The host is not connected to a network.
Disk Space The agent is unable to check for available disk space or the disk space available is insufficient.
Operating System The OS version of the host machine is not supported.
Firewall The firewall is blocking access to Druva Cloud.


Note: Agent activation requires the background service to be running on the server. For Linux systems, it is called Phoenix, and for Windows systems, it is called HybridWorkloadsAgent Client Services. You can check if the service is running using this command: service Phoenix status


  • You must add the binaries pertaining to Hybrid Workloads agent checks to the antivirus exclusions – else the checks will not run and activation will fail. You may refer to this article for further information.

  • The checks run only on the supported operating systems.


Error Message



Host connectivity check failed

We are unable to connect to the given host due to an issue. The possible list of issues can be an external firewall, the system’s firewall, name resolution error.

Resolve the connectivity issue. Check whether the Firewall / IP table are blocking the connection to the host.

IP tables check failed

There was an unknown error while parsing the IP table rules.

Contact Support.

Traffic blocking IP tables rules found for host

The local IP table is blocking access to the Druva Cloud.

Ensure that the local IP table does not block access to Druva Cloud, allow traffic to *

Windows firewall check failed

There was an unknown error while parsing the Firewall rules

Contact Support.

Traffic blocking Windows firewall rules found for host

The firewall is blocking access to the Druva Cloud

Ensure that Firewall does not block access to the Druva Cloud, allow traffic to * For more information, refer to the Best practices for configuring Windows Defender Firewall article.

Backup readiness checks

Error Message



Failed to get disk space

The disk space could not be fetched due to an error on the host machine.

Contact Support.

Insufficient disk space.

The disk space available on the system is not sufficient for the backup job.

Free up the specified storage space on the host machine. Minimum 10 GB space should be available on the host machine for a successful backup job.

Error Message



Internal Error

An internal issue was encountered.

Contact Support.

Received invalid request

CheckEngine received an invalid request for execution.

Make a valid check execution request.

Check execution timed out

The check execution took too long and was aborted.

Contact Support.

Permission denied

The permissions required to execute the check was denied.

Rectify permissions to allow check execution.

Error on host machine

Check execution failed due to an error on the underlying host machine.

Contact Support.

Note: For checks pertaining to Oracle DTC, please refer to Activation and First backup readiness checks for Oracle DTC.