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Druva Documentation

Common agent FAQs

Using the agent downloaded for Files Servers, can I reuse the same agent installer to activate the agent for FS, MS SQL, and Hyper-V and Backup proxy for NAS and  Nutanix AHV?
Yes, the same download file is used to activate the Backup proxy for different workloads.
What if I do not have one or more of the supported workloads?
On Windows client and macOS, the Local Agent Installation section will display Unsupported status for the respective workloads. 
On Windows server, the appropriate Supported and Unsupported status is displayed.
Do I need to make any changes to the Phoenix.cfg file for deploying the backup agent or proxy?
No changes are required to the Phoenix.cfg file.
How do I know which workload agents are successfully activated?
A green tick appears ext to the successfully activated local agent installation workload.
In the future, is it possible to add more workloads?
Yes, you can add more supported workloads to the existing workloads-activated agents.