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Troubleshooting backup proxy deployment issues while using the common agent

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Nutanix AHV backup proxy deployment errors

You may encounter the following error messages when deploying the Backup proxy for Nutanix AHV.

Activation cannot proceed due to the minimum role required not being met 


User does not have the necessary minimum role to activate the Backup proxy that is either Super Admin or Prism Admin.


Ensure that you have either Super Admin or Prism Admin role to activate the Backup proxy and successfully perform backup and restore operations.

Cannot verify the digital signature of the proxy image file


The proxy image file selected is not of the latest version or is corrupted or the signature is file is missing.


Ensure you use the latest version proxy image file, or download the latest version of the proxy image file from the downloads page or select the download option in the deployer. 

Community version of the Prism is not supported


Entered prism details are not supported by Nutanix AHV.


Ensure to select Long Term Support (LTS) and Short Term Support (STS) releases. For more details, refer to Support matrix

Failed to set Prism credentials on Backup proxy


There is no SSH connection and ICMP protocol is blocked for PING command. Additionally, it could be due to a network failure. 


Ensure that the SSH connection is allowed and ICMP protocol is not blocked. Make sure you have privileges to execute SSH and PING commands. 

Unsupported Prism Element version


The Prism Element used has a version earlier than 5.15.


Upgrade the Prism Element to version 5.15 or later.

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