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Introduction to Enterprise Workloads

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Druva introduces Enterprise Workloads that enable a single platform to protect workloads like data centers and Cloud Native as a single new product. Enterprise Workloads is a combined offering of both worlds, Cloud and Data Center, to make the Druva Cloud experience smoother and provides a one-stop shop for protecting and managing resources deployed in hybrid environments or native to Azure or AWS.

Organizations face increasing adoption of public cloud, leading to dispersed data and workloads across on-premise, hybrid and cloud-native environments. Druva provides a solution with a cloud data management platform that enables customers to effectively protect and manage their workloads, regardless of deployment location.


Key benefits

Druva provides the following key benefits:

  • Unified solution for protection and management: A unified solution to protect and manage Hybrid Workloads, Azure Workloads and AWS workloads. You no longer need hop-on and off products to manage different workloads and can seamlessly configure, monitor, and manage lifecycle for  Hybrid Workloads, Azure Workloads and AWS workloads on a single platform.

  • Unified pricing, licensing & SKUs: Enterprise Workloads simplifies the pricing, licensing, and SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) for customers. They can benefit from a streamlined and consolidated approach to managing the costs and licensing of their workloads, making it easier to understand and manage their expenses.

  • Enterprise Workloads dashboard: The platform includes an Enterprise Workloads dashboard that provides customers with a comprehensive view of historical trends from both hybrid and native workloads. This dashboard offers insights and analytics that help organizations make informed decisions about their workload management strategies.

  • Common administrator management: Enterprise Workloads offers a common administrator management framework, allowing administrators to manage user access and permissions across all workloads from a central location. This simplifies the administration process and ensures consistent security and access controls.

  • License management and definition: The platform includes robust license management capabilities, enabling customers to efficiently manage their licenses for different workloads. They can define and allocate licenses according to their specific requirements, ensuring compliance and optimized resource allocation.

  • Roles: Enterprise Workloads incorporate Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), allowing administrators to assign roles and permissions to users based on their responsibilities and access needs. This granular control ensures that only authorized individuals can perform specific actions and manage workloads within the platform.

Workloads protected

Druva cloud data protection solution allows you to effectively protect and manage the following workloads and resources, regardless of the deployment location.

Hybrid Workloads Azure Workloads AWS Workloads
  • VMware Virtual Machines

  • Hyper-v Virtual Machines

  • Nutanix AHV  Virtual Machines


  • Oracle Servers

  • MS SQL Servers

  • File Servers

  • NAS Shares

Azure Virtual Machines

  • EC2 Instances

  • EBS Volumes

  • RDS

  • DynamoDB

  • RedShift


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