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View storage consumption by backup sets report

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This topic provides instructions to view the Storage Consumption by Backup Sets report. The Storage Consumption by Backup Sets report provides details of the resources such as administrative group, backup set type, backup content, and backup policy associated with the resources, and the storage consumed by individual resources in your organization.


  1. Log in to the Management Console. 
  2. On the menu bar, click Reports. The Manage Reports page is displayed if organization is enabled; otherwise, the Reports page is displayed.
  3. Under the My Subscriptions tab, click Storage Consumption by Backup Sets report.
  4. The Storage Consumption by Backup Sets report is displayed.
    Field Description
    Backup Set The name of the backup set associated with the backup policy.
    Backup Set Type The backup set type associated with the file server.
    Backup Content The backup content associated with the server.
    Backup Policy The backup policy associated with the server.
    Administrator Group  The name of the administrative group to which the server is attached.

    Storage (Dedupe Savings) (b)

    The storage to which the server is backing up the data to and its corresponding Dedupe Savings.

    The Dedupe Savings is the ratio of space used on traditional backup storage to Druva Cloud Storage.

    Source+Changes (a) The amount of backup data generated at the source for that corresponding server. This includes the initial full backup and the incremental data from all subsequent backups.

    Estimated Druva Storage (a/b)

    The ratio of "Source+Changes" to Storage.

    Note: This number is an estimate and it may change with the actual data stored on the cloud. 

    Current Source The size of the data on the source servers at the time of the last backup.