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Credit Consumption Report

The Credit Consumption report shows the monthly consumption of credits for a specified period. By default, this period is set as 12 months. A user can either view the report or download it. There is a provision to schedule this report as well. The report will be scheduled on the first day of every month at the time set by the admin. Before getting into the details of this report, let's briefly know about Phoenix credits and credits consumption.


Credits describe the prepaid storage that is consumed as the data is stored in the Phoenix Cloud. One Phoenix credit allows you to store 1 TB of deduplicated data in the Phoenix Cloud for one month. A credit is expressed in TB-Month.

You can pre-purchase the Phoenix credits depending on the volume of your organization’s data to be stored in the Phoenix Cloud. For example, if your organization needs to store an average of 10 TB of deduplicated data in the Phoenix Cloud each month for the next one year, you need to purchase 120 credits (TB-Months) that would be consumed as data is stored in the Phoenix Cloud.

Credit consumption 

Druva Phoenix billing mechanism charges for the actual storage consumed in the Phoenix Cloud. The Phoenix Management Console displays the balance credits in TB-Months. However, for more accurate calculation, Druva Phoenix calculates the actual credits in TB-Days and then converts the value into TB-Months. Druva Phoenix converts the credits in TB-Months into a daily equivalent in TB-Days by dividing the credits by 12 and multiplying by 365.

One TB-Month = (1/12)*365 = 30.42 TB-Days

Credits are then reduced by the daily amount stored in the Phoenix Cloud, after deduplication. If the Phoenix Cloud stores 1 TB data over 30.42 days, Druva Phoenix consumes one credit. Similarly, Druva Phoenix consumes one credit if the Phoenix Cloud stores 30.42 TB data in one day as illustrated in the following diagram.


The following table lists the fields in the Credit Consumption report

Field Description
Month The month for which the credits consumed are displayed
Total credits consumed The total number of credits consumed in that month. 
Credits consumed by storage Credits consumed based on the data storage on the Phoenix Cloud
Credits consumed due to early data deletion* Credits that were consumed as part of the early delete fee
LTR savings* Credits saved because of long term retention.

* Applicable only to LTR customers 

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