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Feature support matrix

License editions: To understand the applicable license editions, see Plans & Pricing.


The inSync Analytics add-on is now rebranded and repackaged to inSync Data Governance. This topic includes information about the Data Governance features supported on different inSync Cloud editions.

Feature support matrix

The following table lists the Governance features that are supported on different editions of inSync Cloud:

Feature inSync Cloud edition
  inSync Business inSync Enterprise inSync Elite
User Audit Trail  tick.png tick.png tick.png
Admin Audit Trail tick.png tick.png tick.png
Data composition charts such as summary of users and storage, data by file types, and files by sizes.  cross.png cross.png tick.png
Data Insights cross.png cross.png tick.png
Search cross.png cross.png tick.png
Legal Hold cross.png cross.png tick.png

If your Data Governance license expires, you see the following:

  • The following message appears under the Advanced Data Governance tab:

    Your license has expired.

    For further assistance, contact Druva Support <>.

  • Users who are placed on legal hold will continue to be on legal hold. To remove users from legal hold, contact Druva Support  <>

Features available for different administrators

For Elite and Elite Plus editions of inSync Cloud, the following table lists the Data Governance features that are accessible to different administrators:

Feature inSync Elite editions
Cloud administrator Legal administrator Profile administrator
User Audit Trail  tick.png cross.png tick.png
Admin Audit Trail  tick.png cross.png cross.png
Data composition charts such as summary of users and storage, data by file types, and files by sizes.  tick.png cross.png tick.png
Data Insights  tick.png cross.png tick.png
Search tick.png cross.png cross.png
Legal Hold tick.png tick.png cross.png

 Note: Only inSync Cloud administrator and administrators with "Access Data Insights" role can access the Search feature in Data Governance > Search.