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Configure Security Add-ons in Managed Services Center

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Druva is committed to the security of your customer data with the features like Security Posture and Observability (SP&O), Accelerated Ransomeware Recovery. MSPs can offer multi-layer security to their customers by configuring these security add-ons through the customer page on Managed Services Center. Security add-ons are additional security features that can be added to provide an additional layer of security to customer tenants. MSPs can work closely with their customers to understand their security needs and configure security add-ons.

Benefits of security add-ons

Druva has come up with better security solutions to tackle the dynamically challenging behavior of ransomware attacks. These solutions allow you and your customers to tackle data loss, data recovery, and other issues. Every security feature has its own layer of benefits. Following are some benefits of security add-ons features like SP&O and ARR.

  • Help avoid critical data loss
  • Help avoid business downtime and loss of revenue due to ransomware attack
  • Help maintain customer trust by proactively monitoring anomalies
  • Help identify clean version snapshots automatically
  • Help reduce recovery time and prevent data loss
  • Help organization enhance their security posture and observability by reducing cyber-attacks, data breaches, and other security issues
  • Help safeguard backups against deletion by preventing excess deletion and soft-delete
  • Help identify possible ransomware attacks quickly

How MSPs can get the best out of security add-ons

The flexibility of enabling security add-ons empowers MSPs to combat ransomware attacks proactively.

For existing customers, MSPs can enhance security by configuring add-ons for their product tenants. 

For new customers, they can choose to prioritize either configuring security add-ons or adding product tenants to their account. Each approach offers unique benefits for maximizing security.

Approach 1: Configure security add-ons before adding product tenants to the customer account
Below are the benefits of this approach;

  • Customers can ensure advanced security features for their products right from the start.
  • Customers can ensure that every product added to their account is automatically secured.
  • Customers have immediate security for their products, reducing vulnerabilities.
  • Enabling security add-ons beforehand maximizes the use of security features.
  • Allows customers to benefit from proactive security measures.

Approach 2: Add product tenants to the customer account, then configure security add-ons

Below are the benefits of this approach;

  • Customers have the flexibility to tailor security settings based on the unique requirements.
  • Customers can easily scale their accounts by adding new product tenants.

Configure security add-ons

When you enable security add-ons for your products in Managed Services Center, Security Posture and Observability (SP&O) is selected by default. For any new product added to the customer, SP&O is by default selected feature. However, MSPs can opt for advanced security by selecting the Accelerated Ransomware Security (ARR) feature.


  1. Log in to Managed Services Center (MSC) and then click Customers.
  2. On the Customers page, select the customer for which you want to configure security add-ons.
  3. In the Security Add-ons section, click Configure (if this is your first time configuring security add-ons) or click Edit to modify existing settings. This will open the security add-ons settings window.
  4. Click the Enable Security Add-ons toggle to add more security to your products. Security Posture and Observability (SP&O) is selected by default.Enable_Security_Add_ons.png
  5. Click Save to complete the action.

MSPs can opt for Accelerated Ransomware Recovery (ARR) option to add advanced security to their customers’ products.

Enable the ARR feature

To select ARR for your customers’ products, first, you must configure the security add-ons. After configuring it, you can edit the security add-ons and select ARR for more advanced security features.


  1. Configure security add-ons, it configures SP&O features for your products by default.
  2. Click Edit in the security add-ons section.
  3. Select the radio button for ARR for the product you want to add advanced security.
  4. Click Save to reflect the changes.
 Disable Security add-ons

To disable security add-ons, Security Posture and Observability must be selected for all the products.


  1. Log in to Managed Services Center (MSC) and then click Customers.
  2. On the Customers page, select the customer for which you want to configure security add-ons.
  3. Click Edit in the security add-ons section.
  4. If ARR is selected for the products, select the SP&O radio button for all of them, and then click Save. 
  5. Again, go to Edit in the security add-ons section, and click the Enable Security Add-ons toggle.
  6. Click Save to complete the action.