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Release Notes for inSync Client v5.9

inSync Client v5.9.2 patch update

inSync Client 5.9.2 for Ubuntu comes with a refreshed user interface and improvements for the system tray icon, making the end user's experience seamless and easy. The following enhancements are available for 5.9.2 Ubuntu Linux users with this release on August 10, 2021.

Introducing system tray menu

To provide a simplified restore and backup process experience we have introduced a new system tray menu. The system tray menu allows you to access features like backup and restore operations, pause a backup and so on with a single click.


Enhanced tray icon

To provide our customers with an improved product experience we have enhanced the inSync tray icon for the Backup operation. The following table lists the description for tray icons.

Icon Description
image15.png Backup completed successfully.
image2.png There was an authentication error or backup was interrupted.
image8.png Data backup is in progress.
image13.png Device not backed up.
image3.png Device backup paused.

Improved inSync Client user Interface experience

inSync Client user interface is now enhanced for ease of use with the following enhancements:

Enhanced user interface for data restore activity

  • Snapshot selection based on the date and time
    Enhanced Snapshot selection window that groups and displays all the available snapshots based on date and time.


  • Tree view for Files and folders listing
    Enhanced tree view to display folders, sub-folders, and files to quickly browse and select for restore.


  • Easily browse to the custom location
    You can now easily navigate and select the custom restore location using the Browse button.


Refreshed inSync Client Activation user interface

The inSync Client Activation user interface is refreshed to help the end-user quickly get through the activation process and configure the device easily. To know more see Activate the inSync Client on your device.


Activation pw screen.png

Refreshed Add and Replace device user interface

The Add or Replace device user interface is refreshed to enable the user to add or replace a device easily as shown in the illustration below. For more information see Add a new device to your inSync account, Replace a device linked with your inSync account.



Intuitive Backup summary

The inSync Client 5.9.2 Backup & Restore user interface is refreshed to display settings for both Backup and Restore on the same screen, offering a user-friendly experience to easily find the actions they need to perform to back up their data or restore content. Folder names displayed under Backup Content are made more intuitive, labels and messages across the interface are refreshed.

For more information, see Backup and Restore.


Refreshed Restore workflow user interface

The Restore window now displays the recent snapshot instead of the entire snapshot listing. If required, you can select the previous snapshots from the drop-down list. Also, the search capability is moved to the center of the Restore window to allow you to search through devices and snapshots quickly.

For more information, see Restore data using the inSync Client.


Enhanced Pop-up window on the Settings screen

In the inSync Client 5.9.2, the pop-up windows on the Settings screen have been updated and are designed to offer a seamless experience. The following illustration displays the Proxy Settings pop-up window.


To know more, see inSync Client 5.9.2 User Interface Enhancements.

Product Revision
inSync Client Linux (Ubuntu): r100663

Download the latest inSync Client here.

For upgrade instructions, see Upgrade inSync Client.

To learn more, contact Support.

Known Issues

Issue Description

The desired path is not selected using the Browse option when you perform a restore activity to the Custom location.

Workaround: You can restore the data to the Original Location or Desktop.

inSync Client v5.9.1 patch update

A patch update v5.9.1 is released on Jan 22, 2021, with the following enhancement:

Introducing support for Ubuntu 20.04 

We have always ensured that you get the latest endpoint data protection features on the Linux platform too. That's why introducing inSync Client v5.9.1 that supports the recently released Ubuntu 20.04 Focal Fossa OS. 

Contact your inSync administrator to learn more.

Revision Information 

Product Revision
inSync Client

Linux (Ubuntu): r100563

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