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inSync Share

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What is inSync Share?

inSync Share is an enterprise-ready file sharing and collaboration solution that helps you to:

  • Sync data across your devices.
  • Share data seamlessly with your peers.
  • Share data with external users.

For more information, see About inSync Share.

Access inSync Share

To access inSync Web,

  1. Open a Web browser.
  2. If you are inSync Cloud user, type
    If you are inSyncGovCloud user, type
  3. Log on using your email ID and password that is provided by the inSync administrator.


The All Content page appears.

all content.png

For more information, see About inSync Web interface.

For information about accessing inSync Share, see Access the inSync Share folder on your laptop.

Create a folder

You create a folder so that you can share information with collaborators. The collaborators can be either inSync Share users and non-inSync Share users, which are also called as guest users.

To create a folder by using inSync Web,

  1. Open inSync Web.
  2. Click Create Folder
  3. In the Folder Name box, type the name of the folder, and then click Create.
    create folder window.png

Select a specific folder for sync

Using Selective Sync, you can exclude those folders that you do not want to sync to your device. All excluded folders will be deleted from your device. However, all the shared content is available on inSync Web, and will be stored in the inSync Server.
The Selective Sync setting is device specific. If you replace your device, the settings are not applicable to the new device.

To select specific folders for sync

  1. Start the inSync client.
  2. In the navigation pane, click Sync & Share.
  3. In the right pane, click Selective Sync. The Select Folder window appears.


  4. Expand the parent folder. A list of subfolders and files will appear. This list includes all individual folders, shared folders, and workspaces that are marked for sync to device.
    This list will display only the synced folders that are available on inSync Server. 


  5. Clear the check boxes beside the folders that you do not want to sync. Click Update.
    For more information, see Select a specific folder for sync.

Add files to inSync Share folder

To add files to your inSync Share folder by using inSync Web

  1. Open inSync Web. 
  2. Click Upload Files. Click the Click here to select files link.
    upload files icon.png
  3. Browse to the location of the file and select the file. The file is added to the Upload Files window.
    upload files window.png
  4. Click Upload and then click Close.

    For other alternatives to adding files to inSync Share folder, see Add content in your inSync Share folder.

Share folders with others

You can invite people to join your share folder as collaborators, with the appropriate permission level. Collaborators can access only those folders for which they have been invited to.

To share folder with others by using inSync Web

  1. Open inSync Web.
  2. Click Share  > Manage Collaborators icon for the row of the folder that you want to share.
    manage  collaborators dropdown menu.png
  3. Type the email addresses of the individuals or groups that you want to share the folder with, and then click Add.
  4. Assign manage, view, or edit permissions to the collaborators, and then click Done.

    manage  collaborators window with highlights.png

For more information about sharing folders with collaborators, see Share folders with others.

Create links to share content

  1. Open inSync Web. In the All Contents table, click the Share > Get Link icon for the row of the folder or file that you want to share.
  2. In the All Content table, click the row of the file or folder that you want to share, and then click the Share icon and then click Get Link. The Get Link window appears. This window contains the shareable link for the folder/file name in the Shareable link for <file/folder name> field.
    get link window.png
  3. In the Get Link window, provide the appropriate information.
  4. To change the link settings, click settings icon in get link window.png and provide information related to the link settings, and then click Done.
    link settings with link faded out.png
  5. Click Send.

For more information, see Create and share a link.

Access a workspace

  1. Open inSync Web. 
  2. Click Workspaces

    workspaces in share with highlight.png

To access a workspace from the inSync Share folder on your laptop, see Access a workspace.