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View last backup details

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You can view the last backup details of the inSync Client. The following table lists the information available in the Last Backup Details window.

Field Description
Status Status of the backup.
Started Start time of the backup.
Ended Completion time of the backup.
Total files Total number of files for the inSync client to back up.
Total size Total size of the files for the inSync client to back up.
Files backed up Actual number of files backed up by the inSync client.
Files missed Number of files that the inSync client did not backup.
Bytes transferred

Size of data (in bytes) backed up by the inSync client.

As the inSync client optimizes data before backup, this value can be less that the actual size of the files.


To view the details of the last backup

  1. Start the inSync Client.
  2. Select the Backup & Restore tab, and in the right pane below the last backup status, click the Details link.


    The last back up details are displayed.


  3. You can view the approximate size of the directory; that are configured by you and the administrator in the Backup Content section.

    Note: If the inSync administrator restricts a folder that you had selected for backup previously, "Folder excluded from backup" is displayed against that folder in the Backup Content area. For more information on folders that are excluded from backup by the administrator,  see View Global Exclusions list.