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View Global Exclusions list

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You can view the global exclusion list for file types and folders that your administrator has excluded from inSync backups.

The inSync Client excludes the files types that your administrator has specified in the global exclude list irrespective of the filters set at the folder level by your inSync administrator or you. For example, if you have configured inSync to back up .exe files from your device, but .exe file type is added to the global exclude list by the administrator, then .exe files will not be backed up.


To view global exclusion list

  1. Start the inSync Client.
  2. On the navigation pane, click Backup & Restore.
  3. In the right pane, click Add folder. The Select Folder window appears.
  4. Under Quick Configuration or My Computer, navigate and click the folder that you want to back up and then click Next. The Select Items to Backup window appears.
  5. Click filter image.PNG for the backup folder that you want to configure. The Specify Folder Filters window appears.
  6. Click the Global Exclusions tab. inSync administrator defined file extensions and paths that are excluded for backup is displayed.

global exclusions list.PNG

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Note: Global Exclusions list can be viewed even when you edit an existing folder. See Add folders.