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Block specific networks from backing up data


You can block specific networks from backing up data if the inSync administrator has provided permissions to do so. For example, you can block backups on data card, personal mobile hotspots, or Mi-Fi devices when traveling to minimize your personal hotspot or Mi-Fi data usage and costs.

Note: You can block backup only on networks that have 24 bit subnet mask or more.

Before you begin

If the inSync administrator has provided permissions to the profile that you are mapped to, only then you can block specific networks from backing up data.


To block backup of data on specific networks

  1. Whenever backup starts on a network with 24 bit subnet mask or more, inSync Client displays the following notification:

    Backup started on network - <Network Name>. Click here to disable backup on this network.

    Note: This notification will not be displayed if Show desktop notification setting is disabled for the profile.

  2. Click the message to disable backup on the network. The Network tab on the Settings page appears.

  3. From the Select a network to opt-out list, select the network that you want to block from backing up data.

    The Select a network to opt-out list displays maximum 5 networks, which includes current networks as well as recent networks that were used for backup.

  4. Click Disable Backup on this Network. The network is blocked from backing up data.

You can see the all the blocked networks from the Blocked Networks: list.


You can unblock a blocked network by clicking Settings > Network tab > select the network > Unblock

When a scheduled backup is initiated on a blocked network, inSync Client displays the following message:

Backup Interrupted

Backup disabled on <Network Name>. To enable, go to network settings