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Release Notes

Cloud Upgrade on Nov 18, 2021


Option to create Curated Snapshot from Quarantine Bay

You no longer need to go to Curated Snapshot UI to create a Curated Snapshot for Endpoints and Servers. Now you can create a Curated Snapshot while quarantining the resource itself. For your ease, we have now added this option to the Quarantine Bay UI as well.

With this enhancement, you have to navigate to Quarantine Bay UI, select the Resource Name, and click More options.jpg > Create Curated Snapshot.

Curated Snapshot_Qurantinebay.jpg

Cloud Upgrade on Sep 23, 2021

New Feature

Monitor Curated Snapshots for endpoints and servers

We have now added Download Report functionality that helps you monitor and review the details of malicious files discovered while scanning the files to create Curated Snapshot for endpoints and servers.

Administrators can now generate and download the report in CSV format and get an overview of primary details such as the File Name, File Type, list of skipped files from Curated Snapshot along with its reason, and so on.


For more information, see,

Cloud Upgrade on Sep 09, 2021

New Feature

Introducing Curated Snapshots for endpoints and servers

We are excited to bring in the Curated Snapshots feature to you that allows you to create a customized snapshot that is the latest, cleanest, and safest scanned file version available for restore. You can restore files for endpoints and servers from the Curated Snapshot without any security or malware risks. 

This enhancement eliminates the need to perform multiple granular restores from various snapshots and thus accelerates recovery time and minimizes data loss in the event of cyber security attacks.


For more information, see Curated Snapshots.

Cloud Upgrade on July 30, 2021

Fixed Issue

Issue Description
REAL-16027 Unusual Data Activity (UDA) encryption alert does not get generated when you backup encrypted files.

Cloud Upgrade on July 24, 2021

Known Issue

Issue Description
REAL-16027 Unusual Data Activity (UDA) encryption alert does not get generated when you backup encrypted files.

Cloud Upgrade on June 03, 2021

New Feature - Protect your data from ransomware attacks

At Druva, the security of your organization's data is our topmost priority. With the increasing risk of ransomware attacks, data breaches, and unauthorized access, now it's not only important to safeguard your data but also to have a response plan in place in case you face a cyber threat.

The availability of this feature may be limited based on the license type, region, and other criteria. To access this feature, contact your Druva Account Manager or Druva Support.

To help you protect the data minimize the risks of data loss, we have developed the Accelerated Ransomware Recovery module that aids you to do the following:

  • Detect anomalous behavior - When a data source is attacked by ransomware, it starts manipulating the data stored in it. Such behavior is suspicious in nature and is unlike how the resource owner works with the data on that data source. Since anomalies of this type often indicate issues that require attention, the Unusual Data Activity feature flags such anomalous behavior and notifies you via an alert email. For more information, see Unusual Data Activity.

  • Quarantine infected data sources - When you are already aware that a data source is infected with ransomware, you would want to isolate the infected data in order to contain the infection and restrict it from spreading. The Quarantine feature in the Ransomware Recovery module enables you to quarantine infected snapshots on the impacted data sources and helps safeguard your organization from further infection by barring users or administrators from downloading or restoring the infected data to other data sources. For more information see Ransomware Recovery for EndPoints and Ransomware Recovery for Servers.

  • Scan the data before restoring - Securely backed up data might already be infected and when you restore such data to a particular destination, you run the risk of infecting the destination machine. Using the Malicious File Scan feature, you can scan the data for viruses and malware during a data restore activity. Moreover, you can enable this feature for end-users so that they too can scan the data before restoring it. Druva scans the entire data for potential viruses and malware and blocks the malicious files and only restores the clean files. For more information, see Scan Files Before Restoring.

  • Restrict unauthorized data access - With the employees of an organization spread across the globe, it is critical that only the authorized people in the organization have access to the relevant data that you back up. Druva offers Insights, a dashboard that shows you the details of all administrator login events, data access events, and API requests made from new geographic locations in the past week or month. If you see that someone is accessing the data from an undesired location, you can block their account. This information helps you gain situational awareness about access to the backed-up data by gathering events from all Druva products. For more information, Security Insights Dashboard.

Cloud Upgrade on July 03, 2020

New Features

Realize Storage Insights - Subscribe to saved filters

Realize administrators can now subscribe to saved filters and be informed about the non-critical data growth in their organization on a regular basis. Filters can also be subscribed by non-Realize administrators or other staff in the organization.


For subscribe instructions, see About Realize Storage Insights.


Search Recommendations using Backup Set or Server Name

Administrators can now search and view particular Recommendations using the Backup Set or Server name.


Sort Recommendations

By default, Recommendations are listed in order with the backup set having the largest amount of non-critical data at the top and the least at the bottom. Now,  administrators have the option to sort the recommendations based on the following parameters-

  • Date Created - List Recommendations by date created with the latest generated recommendation at the top.
  • Non Critical Data Growth - List Recommendations by the growth of non-critical data in backup sets with the largest amount at the top.
  • Non Critical Data Size - The default, lists Recommendations by the non-critical data size with backup set having the largest amount of non-critical data at the top.


For more information, see About Recommendations.

Known Issue

Issue Description
REAL-2797 If a Backup set name is too lengthy, complete name is not displayed in the Select Resources Filter in Realize Storage Insights.


Cloud Upgrade on Jun 19, 2020


Druva Realize is now enabled for Product Cloud Administrators

In addition to Druva Cloud Administrators, now Phoenix Cloud administrators can access Realize Storage Insights and Recommendations services.

New Features

Realize Storage Insights - More options to export Realize Storage Insights view

In addition to PDF, Realize administrators can now export Realize Storage Insights view using the following options -

  • Email - Share Realize Storage Insights view over Email as a PDF attachment.

  • CSV - Export Realize Storage Insights view in CSV format. Administrators can have a more granular view of the data or use the CSV to ingest in 3rd party applications for further processing and gain additional insights.

Recommendations - Exclude non-critical file types from Phoenix Content Rule using Recommendations

Administrators can now update the Phoenix Content Rule associated with a backup set directly from a Recommendation and exclude the non-critical file types from backup.

Administrators have option to exclude the non-critical files either from a particular backup set or all the backup sets to which a Phoenix Content Rule is associated.

Use the Exclude Non Critical Data feature in a Recommendation to exclude the file types.


After update, non-critical file types are excluded from backup starting the next backup cycle.

For more information, see About Recommendations.


Cloud Upgrade on May 21, 2020

New Feature

File Analytics - Option to export File Analytics view as a PDF file

Administrators can now export their File Analytics view to a PDF file. This feature helps administrators print their view or share it with other administrators for collaboration purpose.


See Realize Storage Insights.

UI Enhancements


Based on customer interaction with Recommendations, we have updated to make it more intuitive and clear layout to display non-critical data information and enable you to actions. See Recommendations.


Cloud Upgrade on April 23, 2020

New Feature

Introducing Audit Trails - Log and monitor activities performed by administrators

Audit Trails captures the activities performed by the administrators in the Realize Management Console and logs it. Audit Trails helps track and monitor all the activities ensuring complete transparency, traceability, and accountability of all the administrators, thereby aiding forensics and compliance initiatives.

Audit Trails captures details such as the name of the administrator who performed the action, the activity performed, the resource on which the activity was performed and the timestamp of when the action was performed. For more information, see Audit Trails.

Audit Trails are available for actions performed by administrators on the Recommendations service.

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