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Scan server data before restoring it

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When you are restoring data to a server, with the Malicious File Scan feature, you have the option to scan the data for malicious files and for pre-defined file hashes. This ensures that the restored data is clean and devoid of viruses and malware. You can scan the data irrespective of the restore location. 

When Malicious File Scan is enabled, you will see the Malicious File Scan section in the Restore To Server window. 


Toggle the button to enable the scan. If the scan is mandated during a data restore activity then you will not be able to disable it. Contact your Druva Cloud administrator for more details. 


However, the time taken to restore the data increases when the scan is enabled. You can view the progress of the scan job from the Jobs page. There is an option to cancel the scan job if you feel it’s taking longer than what you expected and restoring the files is urgent. 

On the restore Jobs page for a server, the clipboard_e331b9a878a8b17a8bf4a28e4a61b17d4.png sign is present beside every restore job that has malicious file scan enabled. 


Malicious file scan is not supported for files beyond 1 GB in size.

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