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NAS restore pre-checks

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Druva runs restore pre-checks for File-Level Restores. These checks look for issues that can cause your restore job to fail before the restore has even started. You must fix any identified issues before restoring your data. The following sections describe the restore pre-checks for each type of restore and remedial actions you must take in case of pre-check failures.

NAS restore pre-checks

The following checks are performed while restoring at the original location or an alternate location.

Restore pre-checks Recommendations if the checks fail
Agent version check Upgrade agent to the latest version to run pre-checks. 
You can click Proceed to Restore to trigger the restore request or click Cancel to go back to the Restore target screen.
Proxy connection check This error can occur if the Enterpris Workloads agent is disconnected from the Druva Cloud. Restart the agent and check for network connectivity. For more information, see PHOENIX17.
Mount check Fix the mount issues corresponding to the below errors:
  • The network name cannot be found. For more information, see PHOENIX380.
  • The network path was not found. For more information, see PHOENIX381.
  • The network location cannot be reached. For more information, see PHOENIX382.
  • A device attached to the system is not functioning. For more information, see PHOENIX383.
  • Multiple connections to a server or shared resource by the same user, using more than one user name, are not allowed. For more information, see PHOENIX384
  • The specified network name is no longer available. For more information, see PHOENIX385.
Write permission check Fix the write permission issue corresponding to the below error:
  • Permission is not available at the restore destination. For more information see, PHOENIX392.

After fixing any identified issues, you can click Rerun Pre-checks to rerun the checks and initiate the restore once all checks have succeeded. Though you can skip the pre-checks and proceed with the restore, we recommend running the pre-checks and running the restore only after all checks have succeeded. For more on NAS restore, see Restore a NAS share.