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Add a NAS share

Provides the steps to add a NAS share to an already configured NAS device on the Phoenix Management Console.
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This section describes the procedure to add a NAS share to a NAS device. Since the NAS device stores all its data on the shares, Phoenix performs backup and restore on the NAS shares.  

To add a NAS share, you need to provide credentials which the NAS proxy uses to back up the share. Druva recommends using  NAS credentials when you add NAS shares. You can also provide share-level credentials if you can maintain a record of credentials of each share or if the number of shares you add is limited. 

Before you begin

Before you begin to add a NAS share on the Phoenix Management Console, you need to keep the NAS share path handy. Phoenix does not discover the shares existing on the NAS device.

Add NAS share and assign Administrative Group

  1. Log on to Phoenix Management Console.
  2. Click the All Organizations list and select the organization which contains the NAS devices.
  3. Click Protect > NAS on the Phoenix Management Console menu.
  4. Click the NAS device in which you want to add a NAS share. The NAS device details page opens with the Shares tab and NAS Proxies tab. 
  5. On the shares tab, click Add New Share. The Add New Share window is displayed.
    Note: The option to provide credentials is not visible when NFS is selected. 
  6. Enter details as described in the table below and then click Save.
Field  Description

Share Name

Path to NAS share on the NAS device. The NAS share name must be the exposed name of the share with which it is registered on the NAS device. 

For example, if an NFS share is created with vol/EC_Account as the exposed name on the NAS device, enter vol/EC_Account as the NFS share name on the Phoenix Management Console.

Important: Do not use Unicode text and folder names in the NAS share path or share name.

Share Type Select the share type as SMB or NFS. Option to provide NAS credentials is visible only when SMB is selected. 


NAS device credentials get validated every time you add a share to the NAS device.  The credentials are required only for SMB shares.

Use NAS credentials
(Only for SMB Shares)


Allows access to NAS share using the access credentials of the NAS device. 

Druva recommends using NAS credentials while adding a new SMB share.  

(Only for SMB Shares)

NAS share level access credentials. NAS proxy uses these credentials to back up and restore the share. The proxy bypasses the device credentials when you provide the share-level credentials. 

(Only for SMB Shares)

Share Type


  • Select SMB if the NAS share is running on Windows
  • Select NFS if the NAS share is running on Linux

Phoenix does not support backup and restore from mixed share types.

Administrative Group Assign the administrative group under which you want the NAS share to appear. You can also create a new administrative group for the share if required. See Manage administrative groups for NAS shares for steps to create an administrative group.

Phoenix Management Console displays the newly added NAS share on the NAS device details page.  You can use this procedure to add more NAS shares. After adding a NAS share, you need to create a backup set for the share using the mapped NAS proxy and assign it to the NAS share. 

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