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NAS device validations

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When adding or editing a NAS device, the Device Validation window is displayed. For more information, see Add a NAS device and Manage your NAS device.

The Device Validation window contains basic validations and vendor-specific validations. 
Vendor-specific validations are supported for Dell EMC Isilon. 

Basic validations

The following are the basic validations.

Validation Description
Share mount successful Validate the share mount. Only applicable for SMB.
Network Connection Connection to the NAS device.

Isilon validations

Isilon Cloudpools Hierarchical storage management (HSM) provides the ability to convert regular files into small size stub files also known as SmartLink files. This helps reduce the TCO on the primary NAS filer, as the original regular file is moved to cold storage or a cheaper secondary storage tier.
For a user, this file appears to be on disk and is available for use, but is actually stored on different storage. If stub files are not identified during backup, they are treated as regular files and get backed up. This adds additional cost for the customer, whenever Druva Phoenix retrieves data from the Isilon secondary tier to the primary tier. For more information, see Dell EMC Isilon documentation.

If the following validations are successful, then the stub files are identified and skipped. Otherwise, they are processed as regular files.

Validation Description
Minimum NAS proxy version is 5.0.2 Agent on the proxy with the minimum supported version.
Connection to OneFS via the URL and port succeeded Network connection to OneFS with the given endpoint details. 

Credentials are valid


Same credentials must be used for both share mounting and OneFS.

 Note: OneFS is the API interface for Isilon.

Supported OneFS version Version 8.2.2 and 9.1.0

Credentials have all the required privileges


The user must have the following privileges:


  • Privilege APIs (ISI_PRIV_ROLE)
  • Namespace Traverse APIs (ISI_PRIV_NS_TRAVERSE)
  • Namespace Access APIs (ISI_PRIV_NS_IFS_ACCESS)


  • Snapshot (ISI_PRIV_SNAPSHOT)
  • Job Engine (ISI_PRIV_JOB_ENGINE)

Note: Using the OneFS interface, you must create a Druva role with the above permissions, and then add a NAS user to this role.

Active SnapshotIQ licence detected Users must have the active SnapshotIQ license.
Successfully able to access snapshot Users must have access to the snapshot created on the Isilon device.


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