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Druva Documentation

Add a NAS device

Provides the steps to follow to add a NAS device.
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This section guides you through the steps to add a NAS device on the Phoenix Management Console.


  1. Log on to Phoenix Management Console.
  2. Click the All Organizations list and select the required organization.
  3. On the menu bar, click Protect > NAS. The NAS page is displayed, with the NAS Devices and NAS Proxies tabs.NASPage.png
  4. On the NAS Devices tab, click Add New NAS Device. This displays the Add New NAS Devices window, with NAS Details and NAS proxy Mapping tabs.

  5. Under NAS Details tab, enter the NAS device details as described in the table below and then click Next.
    Field Description
    IP/FQDN IP or fully qualified domain name of the NAS device. IP or FQDN once provided cannot be changed. To change the IP/FQDN of a NAS device, you need to delete the device and add it again with the new value. 

    Access credentials of the NAS device.

    • On Windows, specify the username in the following format: Domain\Username
    • On Linux, specify the username in the following format: NASUsername 

    Where, NASUsername is an account with appropriate access rights.

    Note: Phoenix validates these credentials when you add shares under the NAS device on the  Phoenix Management Console.

    Password Specify the password.
    Display Name NAS device name that will appear on the Phoenix Management Console.
  6. Under NAS Proxy Mapping tab, select one or more NAS proxies that you want to map to the NAS device. If there is an error in the proxy mapping, an error message is displayed. You can also map the proxy later. 

  7. Click Finish. The NAS device name appears on the NAS Devices tab.

After adding the NAS device, you can add its shares on Phoenix Management Console. Although Phoenix allows you to add any number of devices,  shares, and proxies, you must map the proxies to the NAS device for Phoenix to establish connectivity with the device shares.