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Quick steps to set up Phoenix to back up NAS shares

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Steps to set up Phoenix to back up NAS shares 

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The following diagram depicts how to configure Phoenix to back up data from NAS shares.


The following table summarizes how to configure Phoenix to back up your NAS shares. 

Task Number Task Description

Read the Prerequisites for the NAS proxy

The system requirements for installing the NAS proxy. 

NAS proxy is the Phoenix agent that handles backup and restore requests from NAS shares from a separate Windows or Linux server. You must install at least one NAS proxy to be able to add a NAS device.


  1. Install and activate the NAS proxy. To back up SMB shares, install the proxy on a Windows server. If the shares are of an NFS type, install the proxy on a Linux server.
  2. Activate the NAS proxy. To complete this step:
    1. Generate the activation token from the Phoenix Management Console.
    2. Activate the NAS proxy on the Windows or Linux server using the activation token.
      Activation authorizes the NAS proxy to communicate with the Phoenix Cloud and handle backup and restore jobs from the NAS share. 


Add a NAS device

Add a NAS device that you want to back up.


Map the NAS proxy to the NAS device

Establish the link between the NAS proxy and the NAS device. 

5 Add a NAS share Add the NAS share to the NAS device.  
6 Configure the backup set using the NAS proxy Set the backup content, backup schedule, retention period, and assign the proxy to perform the backups.