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Verify the integrity of the downloaded data

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In legal matters, consistency of the data is of utmost importance. You should be able to prove in the court of law that the data did not change over a period of time. 

For example, the checksum of a file downloaded using the eDiscovery Download Client should match the checksum of its copy stored in the Druva Cloud snapshot for that same time frame. If the checksum is the same, it will prove that the data was not tampered with and will be considered reliable evidence. 

To aid you in this process, we have a data integrity check for data downloaded via eDiscovery Download Client v1.1.0 and later. When you download both data and metadata, select the Check for Files Data Integrity option. 


During the download process, Druva automatically verifies if the checksum of the files matches with their versions stored in the cloud snapshot. Now you no longer need to feed the data to another tool or manually verify the files' integrity after they are downloaded. 

File data integrity check is not available for Gmail and Exchange Online files. 

When the data download is complete, view the details of the job to check how many files passed the data integrity check. 


If you want to view the individual details of each file, check the value in the Files Data Integrity column of the CSV of the files inside the metadata folder. The value will be either Successful or Failed. In scenarios where data integrity is not applicable, the value will be NA.