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Update Prism Credentials

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Update credentials

Hybrid Workloads (Phoenix) stores the Prism credentials you enter while activating the backup proxy VM. You can change these credentials from the Prism page in Nutanix. 

  1. Log in to the Phoenix Management Console.
  2. Select your organization if organizations are enabled.
  3. On the menu bar, click Protect > Nutanix AHV.
  4. On the Prism page, select the Prism Element or Prism Central whose credentials you want to update, and then click Update Credentials.
    Note: If prism credentials are changed, and a new proxy is registered, you need to manually update the modified server details using the Update Credentials option.
  5. In the Update Credentials dialog box enter the updated username and password. 
    Note: You can enter local administrator or AD account credentials. AD account usernames must follow the  format.
  6. If you are updating Prism Central credentials, enter the Prism Central credentials and credentials for all Prism Elements in the Prism Central. You can choose to use the Prism Central credentials for all the Prism Elements managed by Prism Central.
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