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Quick steps to set up Druva Phoenix to back up Nutanix VMs

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Perform the following tasks to set up Hybrid Workloads to backup Nutanix VMs.

Task Description
Preparing your Nutanix setup for backup
1 Determine what to protect Druva can help protect virtual machines in Prism Elements or Prism Centrals. You must deploy the Backup proxy in the Prism Element or the Prism Central and then register the Prism.
2 Ensure that your Prism setup has sufficient resources for Backup proxy deployment The Backup proxy deploys a Ubuntu virtual machine as part of the proxy deployment. Ensure that you allocate adequate resources for the Backup proxy to work as expected. For more information, see Prerequisites for setting up Druva Phoenix for Nutanix AHV.
3 Ensure you have storage provisioned in the Druva Cloud. The Support team creates and assigns storage for your setup. Get in touch with Support or your account executive to request additional storage. 
Note: Druva currently does not support Nutanix AHV for Druva GovCloud.
4 Log in to the Management Console Log in to the Management Console.
Register your Nutanix setup and configure virtual machines for backup
5 Deploy Backup Proxy and Register Prism You must deploy and register one or more backup proxies on the Prism Elements or Prism Central to protect the VMs on Prism. You must then configure the virtual machines for backup. For more information, see Deploy backup proxy and register prism.
6 Configure the virtual machines for backup After activating the Backup proxy, virtual machines hosted on Prism Elements and Prism Centrals are displayed on the All Virtual Machines page. Configure the virtual machines for backup. For more information, see Configure virtual machines for backup.
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