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Ports and communication protocols

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Druva Phoenix communicates with your virtual infrastructure to backup and restore virtual machine data. This communication happens via ports and communication protocols that are secure for communication and the transition of data.
Druva Phoenix uses a combination of Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocols for establishing a connection and initiating communication between Druva Phoenix components and virtual infrastructure components such as Prism Central, Prism Element, and virtual machines.
The following diagram depicts the ports and communication protocols that are used by Druva Phoenix for secure connection and communication during the backup and restore operations.
Ports and Communication Protocols.png

The following table describes the port and communication protocols used for communication between Druva Phoenix and various Nutanix AHV components.


Port Communication Protocol Description
9440 HTTPS+SSL Druva Phoenix uses Port 9440 to establish a secure connection and communication between the Backup Proxy and Prism.


TLS Backup Proxy to Druva Cloud.
443 TLS Backup Proxy to S3 bucket.
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