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Manage credentials for MS-SQL servers

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Druva Phoenix now allows you to assign credentials to MS-SQL servers. Druva Phoenix stores these credentials securely. When you assign a credential to an MS-SQL server, Druva Phoenix automatically assigns it to the Druva Phoenix service on the SQL server, and this credential does not get overwritten by default user settings during an agent upgrade. Assigning credentials to SQL servers is not mandatory during server registration. 

You can manage credentials for the MS-SQL servers from the Registered Servers page under Windows/Linux Servers.

Credentials column.png

The Credentials column in the Registered Servers page displays the credentials assigned to each server in the list.

Invalid credentials.png

You can use the Manage Credentials option to:

  • Create a new credential for MS-SQL servers
  • Assign credentials
  • Unassign credentials

    Manage Credentials.png

Note: You can Update or Delete credentials from Settings Settings.png > Credential Store. For more information, see the Credentials Store article.

Manage Credentials

  1. Log in to the Phoenix Management Console.

  2. In the menu bar at the top, click All Organizations, and then select your organization.

  3. Click Protect > Windows/Linux Servers

  4. In the Registered Servers page, select the SQL server whose credentials you want to manage, click more options, and then click Manage Credentials.

    Manage Credentials2.png

  5. In the Manage Credentials dialog box, perform the following tasks:

Field Description
Add Credential

Create a new credential. In the Add Credentials dialog box, enter the following details:

  • Label: Enter a label that uniquely identifies the credential.
  • Username: Enter the username of the credential. If your account uses a domain, enter the username as domain\username — for example, DruvaCorp\jsmith.

  • Password: Enter the password of the credential.

  • Confirm Password: Re-enter the password of the credential.
Assign Assign the selected credential to the server. The selected credential replaces any previously assigned credential.
Unassign Credential

Unassign the selected credential from the server.

Note:  Some functions like a client upgrade may not work if the credentials are unassigned from the server.

Note: You can use the same credential for multiple SQL servers. However, a SQL server can only be assigned a single credential.

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