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What's coming with Phoenix Backup Store version 4.9.1-102243

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With October 19, 2020, Cloud Update, Druva will bring an enhanced version of the Phoenix Backup Store for Oracle Server. The design changes and improvements to the Phoenix Backup Store will provide you with in-depth experience in reporting and monitoring Oracle backups.

  • Druva will give you complete visibility into RMAN activities. The progress logs will give you a tour of different states of RMAN backup operations. You will be able to track the progress of backup jobs triggered for Oracle databases. 
  • The enhanced RMAN scripts will no longer require the log file directory attribute (logdir) while triggering backup from the command line. The Phoenix Backup Store service running on the Phoenix Backup Store will fetch the RMAN Log file path specified in the backup mount. You will be able to view the RMAN log file at the <Local_PBS_Mount>/_workspace/RMAN_Logs/ location. You should not delete, rename, or move the log files from this location.
  • The new command to run a shell script will be ./ <PBS_IP_Address> <Mount_Name>
  • The new RMAN scripts will need to be run without the logdir parameter. If you face any issues with the deployment of new scripts, contact Druva Support.

Customer action needed: Druva will require you to upgrade the Phoenix Backup Store to the latest revision (version 4.9.1 or later). You must replace your existing RMAN scripts with the new template scripts provided with this release. 

Your backups will stop running if you upgrade the Phoenix Backup Store to version 4.9.1 or later but miss to replace the old RMAN scripts with the new scripts.  Once you upgrade the Phoenix Backup Store and replace the old scripts with the new scripts, you will need to run the scripts without the logdir parameter.  The new scripts will be located at/opt/Druva/Phoenix/PhoenixBackupStore/bin location on the Phoenix Backup Store 4.9.1 or later.  You can also use the scripts documented in the Template shell scripts for Linux and Solaris RMAN hosts and Template batch file and RMAN script for Windows RMAN hosts articles.

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