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About restore of Oracle databases

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Two personas are involved in restoring a database backed up using Druva:

  • The administrator: The administrator runs a restore job on the Management Console. After the restore job completes, the recovery point is downloaded as an Oracle RMAN backup on a location of the selected Phoenix Backup Store.
  • Oracle Database Administrator: The Database Administrator runs RMAN commands that fetch backup data from the Phoenix Backup Store and restore the database on the Oracle instance.

Oracle Database Restore Workflow


Step Operations

Step 1

The administrator selects a recovery point and initiates a restore.

Step 2

The administrator can restore a recovery point to the original Phoenix Backup Store or an alternate Phoenix Backup Store. 

Step 3

The recovery point is unpacked and downloaded as an Oracle RMAN backup to a location on the Phoenix Backup Store. The Oracle RMAN backup download location on the Phoenix Backup Store is /mnt/restores/<backupmount_name>/<restore_job_id>/data where:

  • The mount-name is the name of the mount you selected to restore.
  • Job id is the ID of the restore job. You can get the job ID from the jobs page. 

Step 4

The recovery point location is mapped to the RMAN host so that RMAN can use data stored on it to restore databases to the Oracle instance. 

Step 5

The Database Administrator restores the Oracle RMAN backup to the Oracle instance.  

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