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Troubleshooting Onboarding issues

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Onboarding of subscription fails


Onboarding of subscription fails and you get an error message as shown below in the logs:

Error in connection service

Aug 14 08:06:55 uazuq-uEcs-ip-10-63-140-190 uazuq/uconnsvc/use1: ts=1692000414236718910 service=ConnectionSvc QWERTYTS=14-08-2023#08:06:54 type=debug correlationid=1799eaf10eb559f3545d8c8420645ec0:545d8c8420645ec0:2f0ffe190a3d2836 tokenType=ProductToken identityType=admin globalID=67ca049b-1977-4fd2-ad08-c369253a6d63 MicrosoftTenantID=74e1ac8c-ac5f-4233-967d-9f4fd3d56629 org=68 message="Error in creating key vault" error="Codes:[MissingSubscriptionRegistration], Msg:The subscription is not registered to use namespace 'Microsoft.KeyVault'. See for how to register subscriptions." microsoftSubscriptionID=2c52c669-66ad-4361-9931-3dcf0c30253b


A resource provider or Key Vault service is not registered for the subscription.


Register the Azure Key Vault service for the subscription and then onboard the subscription.