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Release Notes for inSync Client v7.5.x

December 18, 2023

New Feature

inSync Client 7.5.1 for Windows

InSync Client 7.5 is now available for Windows OS. The version has infrastructure enhancements and supports 64-bit resolution exclusively. 

Customer action: Upgrade to inSync Client v7.5.1
For assistance on compatibility,  see the inSync Client 7.5 upgrade scenarios.

NoteFor users who have configured the Optimized for Efficiency option for Outlook is deprecated. The default configuration is set as Optimized for Performance with this release.

Fixed Issues


Issue Description
INS- 126325 Fixed an an issue for the high CPU consumption of inSync Client when not activated.



Product Revision Details
inSync Clientv7.5 Windows: 110755

Download the latest inSync Client here

For upgrade instructions, see Upgrade inSync Client.

To know more, contact support.

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