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View backup and restore logs

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The inSync Client logs each activity in a text file that you can easily view by using a simple text editor, such as Notepad or Notepad++. The following table lists the location of the inSync Client log files for each OS.

OS inSync Log File Locations


The inSync4 folder is created on the System Drive of the user's laptop.

Note: For all new Clients 5.8 onwards, the inSync Client logs from the Client machine are located under "C:\ProgramData\Druva\inSync4\users\<username>\logs".

Mac /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/inSync/logs
Linux /home/<username>/.inSync/logs

Where <username> is the login name of the user for whom you want to view the inSync logs. inSync creates the <username> folder for each user who has an inSync account.

Log file list and description

The following table lists the logs files that are stored within theinSync logs folder.

Log file Description

This file has the logs for inSync Client's backup module. This log file contains logs about backup steps, such as the following:

  • Starting backup
  • Collecting info
  • Creating VSS snapshots
  • Synchronizing file data 
  • Backup finished

You can view this log on the inSync Client.

inSyncClient.{date&time stamp}.log These log files are older copies of the inSyncClient.log file. When a backup cycle is complete, the existing inSyncClient.log file is renamed by appending the time stamp and a new inSyncClient.log file is created.
inSyncClientGUI.log This file contains the logs for the GUI module of the inSync Client.
inSyncSClient.log This file contains the logs for the USyncer module of the inSync Client. In addition to other aspects, the USyncer module deals with Outlook MAPI backups.
inSyncShareClient.log This file contains the logs for inSync Client's file Sync-Share module. It logs various Sync-Share activities and also reports errors. It also lists the files being uploaded or downloaded as part of the Sync-Share activity.
inSyncShareClient.{date&time stamp}.log These log files are older copies of the inSyncShareClient.log file.  When the inSyncShareClient.log file reaches a file size of 100 KB, the existing inSyncShareClient.log file is renamed by appending the time stamp and a new inSyncShareClient.log file is created.
Scan.{date&time stamp}.log’ and
scanprogress.{date&time stamp}.log
These files are logged during the inSync Persona Backup process. This file mainly contains debug information for Persona Backup.
inSyncRestoreMissedFilesLog_{restore_request_id}.{date&time stamp}.log These log files contain the list of files that were missed from the restore activity and its reason.

View backup logs

To view backup logs

  1. Start the inSync Client.
  2. Select the Backup & Restore tab, and in the right pane below the last backup status, click Details. The details of the last backup are displayed.

    backup complete1.png
  3. Click Logs. The Backup Logs window appears.

    backup complete logs.png
  4. Use the arrow keys to browse through the logs.