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Search for backup data

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With the Search feature in the Data Sources area of the inSync Web interface, you no longer need to spend time and effort to browse through a long list to find a backup file or folder. You can search for backup data in just a matter of minutes. You can search within a specific device that is linked to your inSync account. You can also narrow down your search by using search operators, sort the list of search results.


To search for files or folders in your backup data

  1. Open inSync Web.
  2. In the Search box, type a full or partial file name, file type or folder name. You can use the following search operators to narrow down the search results while searching for a file or folder.
    Search Operator Indicates Example

    (caret symbol)
    Start of string To search for files with names starting with new, type ^new.

    (dollar symbol)
    End of string To search for files with names ending with xyz, type xyz$.

    (asterisk symbol)
    Wildcard To search for files that has the word old in its name, type *old*.

    (comma symbol)

    (pipe symbol)
    Multiple pattern To search for files with names starting with new or ending with old, type ^new,old$. Alternatively, you can type ^new|old$.
    You can also search for content within a specific folder within a device. To do this, in the My Devices area, from the list of devices, click the device within which you want to search for backup content, and then type the search criteria in the Search for box. 
  3. Click the Search icon or press ENTER. 
    The Search Results list displays the list of files or folders that match your search criteria. 

Sort the Search Results list

By default, the Search Results list displays the content sorted by the file or folder name in an ascending order. You can sort the Search Results list by the name or last modified date in an ascending or descending order. To sort the Search results for list, click the appropriate Sort By criteria, such as Name or Last Modified. The arrow beside the criteria indicates the sort order. The up arrow indicates sorting by ascending order and the down arrow indicates sorting by descending order.

Restore data from the Search Results list

Click the Restore icon for the file or folder that you want to restore. For more information, see Restore data by using the inSync Web.

Download data from the Search Results list

Click the Download icon for the file or folder that you want to download. For more information, see Download data by using the inSync Web.