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Add MSP Administrators


Using creating inSync Management Console you can create an MSP administrator to manage customer account. Multiple MSP administrators can also be added to a customer account. The MSP administrator can also navigate between the inSync Management Console and MSP Management Console to manage customer accounts more efficiently. For more information on managing MSP customers see Manage Customers.

Before you begin

  • Ensure that the workload for which you want to create the administrator is licensed. 
  • Ensure that discovery is completed for all the org-level apps (SharePoint,  Teams, Public folder, and Shared Drives). 



  • After the MSP Administrator is created, the activation link is sent in an email. Clicking on this link redirects the MSP administrator to the MSP Management Console login page. For more information see Grant seamless access to an administrator.
  • An existing inSync Management Console Administrator who has an MSP Administrator's email id, can login directly to the MSP Management Console via the inSync Management Console to manage multiple customer accounts. For more information on giving seamless access see Grant seamless access to an administrator.
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